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PTE Academic Online prepartion Course

The PTE online preparation course from TEPTH is designed to prepare individuals for the PTE-A Exam in Dubai. Using professional, experienced instructors, our PTE online preparation course provides the in-depth skill development and effective exam strategies that can help you to find success, unlocking new opportunities in countries around the world.

Our sessions are one to one, with one instructor per test taker, allowing a custom study plan that focuses on your needs over the 4-week course. This ensures that you are focused on areas that need strengthening, giving you the best chance of success when you take the exam.The primary target audience of this course are learners who already have an intermediate to advanced understanding of the English language

PTE-A Test Formats

  • PTE SPEAKING & WRITING :(Speaking: 30-35mins Writing: 50-60 minutes) - Personal Introduction, Read aloud, Repeat sentence, Describe image, Re-tell Lecture, Answer short question, Summarize Written Text (10mins), Write Essay (20mins)
  • PART 2: PTE READING: (32 – 41 minutes) - Multiple choice questions (single answer & multiple answers), Re-order paragraphs, Reading: Fill in the Blanks, Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks.
  • 10 minute break is (optional)
  • PART 3: PTE LISTENING : (45 – 57 minutes) - Summarize spoken text, Fill in the blanks, Multiple choice (single answer & multiple answers), Highlight correct summary, Highlight incorrect words, Select missing word, Highlight the correct summary, Highlight incorrect words, Write from dictation

PTE Preparation One to One Online Preparation Course at TEPTH

  • Term/duration:   3 Weeks  
  • No. of Hours:       20 Hours
  • Days per Week:  3days (flexible )

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