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Welcome to TEPTH Website.  

This website is owned and operated by The Exam Preparation & Testing House FZCO, a company licensed by Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority whose registered office is at Suite 703, Apricot Tower, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Our Terms and Conditions apply to your access to and use of our Website “https://www.tepth.net/”. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully.
By continuing to access and use our website, you are deemed to have understood and agreed to all the terms & conditions contained here in. If you do not agree to these Terms & Conditions, you may not use this website.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “this Website" includes means all the webpages related to the tepth.net website excluding any links to third party sites.

Changes to Terms and Conditions:

TEPTH reserves every right to change the terms and conditions or modify this agreement anytime as necessary without any prior notice. Such amended or modified Terms and Conditions shall be effective upon publication on this Website. Therefore, it is recommended to keep checking if there is any addition or change made to TEPTH’s terms and conditions agreement. Users are bound to follow this agreement.

Changes to Operation of Website :

  • TEPTH may change the format and content of this website at any time without a prior notice.
  •  TEPTH may suspend the operation of this website for update, support or maintenance work, in order to update the content, function or for any   other reason.
  •  TEPTH reserves the right to terminate access to this website at any time and without any prior notice.

The use of Tepth.net is subject to the below mentioned Terms of Use:

Payment Terms:

  • TEPTH accepts the payments in U.A.E currency through Visa, MasterCard and PayPal accounts.
    If you make a payment for services on our website, the details you are asked to submit will be provided directly to our payment provider via secured connection.
  •  The payments are taken securely on the payment page of our card processor. No card details are stored by the website.
  •  When registering with us, you are liable to provide accurate personal information to avoid future problems.
  •  The customer using the website who are Minor /under the age of 18 shall not register as a User of the website and shall not transact on or use the website.
  •  The country of merchant domicile is UAE
  •  https://www.tepth.net/ will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC sanctions countries in accordance with the law of UAE.
  •  Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of UAE.

Registration & Rescheduling:

  •  Students who miss a scheduled group lesson or session have no privilege to reschedule the missed lesson and it will be considered as availed.
  • Rescheduling group lessons may only be possible with the consensus of all students of the same class and with a notice period of 48-hours.
  • TEPTH reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any session or course due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • TEPTH reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any session, workshop or course due to exam delivery.
  • Students must fully attend the course and pass the Mock Test in order to receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. Students who do not pass the Mock Test may only receive a certificate of attendance in appreciation of their attendance.
  • Students must attend at least 75% of the course in order to receive a certificate of attendance before the end of the course.
  •  For one-to-one tutoring, students should notify the center, at least 48 hours prior to cancellation or rescheduling of a session. Otherwise it will be considered availed. No show up sessions/classes will be treated as taken and no sessions will be made up.
  • You might receive promotional emails about our new courses and offers. Please inform the administration if you do not wish to receive emails and would like to opt out.

Preparation Material & Books:

  • The practice materials including sample questions and practice tests are included in the private and semi-private classroom-based courses but not the group courses or online courses.
  • Practice tests are non-refundable once purchased.
  • The software language courses and practice tests cannot be exchanged or returned once a purchase order has been placed.
  •  Paperback or e-books cost is included in the classroom-based courses fees. If a student cancels the course or transfers to another course, course-related books must be returned to the center in a good condition. Damaged books are non-returnable and students will be charged TEPTH’s selling price of the book. Failure to return the books will result in deducting the book cost from the course tuition fees.
  • Registered students may only use any provided material for personal or non-commercial use and not otherwise.
  • For some courses, there might be no books to be provided but only the teacher's book to consult and prepare for the exams.
  • Textbooks, preparation materials and practice tests prices are subject to change without a prior notification. Textbooks, preparation materials and practice tests price is subject to a change without a prior notification. Therefore, customers’ are encouraged to frequently visit this sections in order to be updated about the new price.
  •  Teacher’s books will only be provided for your personal use provided that you are not permitted to change or modify the content of the book in any way and you must keep intact to all trademarks, copyrights along with other proprietary notices.
  •  Reproducing or publishing the teacher’s book is not allowed. In case, a student found indulged in any such activity, TEPTH reserves all the legal rights to take action against him or her as per the U.A.E law.

Exam Vouchers:

  • Exam Vouchers are not redeemable for late registration.
  • Exam Vouchers are non-refundable.
  • Exam Vouchers have no affiliation with exam rescheduling, cancellation, no-shows or technical problems which may affect test delivery.
  •  Exam Vouchers are treated as cash, and are to be kept confidential and used only in the U.A.E.
  •  Exam Vouchers have and expiry date and must be redeemed prior to expiry date.
  • Exam Vouchers price is subject to a change without a prior notification. Therefore, customers’ are encouraged to frequently visit this sections in order to be updated about the new price.

TEPTH’s Exam Registration Service:

  • The registration service is offered by The Exam Preparation & Testing House FZCO for the convenience of the test-takers. We hold no responsibility regarding any issues related to the test result or scoring or so on. We have no control or involvement in the test itself, the scoring of the test or the release of the results.
  • The online registration service is entirely voluntary and any candidate can book their test directly through the test provider without incurring the additional fee.
  • Registration is subject to seats availability. It is unlikely that a seat would not be secured. However, in case we could not secure you a seat, you can either ask for a refund or reschedule for the next available test date.
  • Before booking the exam using our online registration service, candidates are advised to contact the Exam Preparation & Testing Services Coordinator to check the seats availability.
  •  Late registration fee applies for late registration period.
  •  For some exams, if there are insufficient candidate numbers, the test might not be held at our testing venue/center. If this was the case, candidates would be informed and moved to the nearest available testing venue/center as determined by the test provider. Please ensure you provide your current cellphone number and email address when you register.

Loyalty & Referral Discount:

  •  Friends who register on site and pay together at the same time are entitled for 10% discount.
  •  A student who registers and pay for 2 courses or more is entitled for 10% discount.
  •  A student who refers another student and the referred student registers and pays the course fee will receive 10% discount automatically.
  • The 10% discount should be availed for one of our courses within 12 months from the date of a successful referral.
  • Returning students are entitled to a 10% discount.
  • The discount is not valid in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discount.
  • The discount cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Registration fee is not included in the discount.

Tuition Fees information:

  • Courses fees are outlined in the courses leaflets, brochures and website or where appropriate.
  • Courses fees are payable in full prior to start date of a specific course.
  • Courses fees are subject to a change without a prior notification. Therefore, customers’ are encouraged to frequently visit this sections in order to be updated about the new price.

Withdrawal, Cancellation,

  • If a notice of a student’s withdrawal from a course is received ten calendar days or more prior to the start date of a course, the student may withdraw/cancel and receive a full refund of the course fees.
  • If a notice of a student’s withdrawal from a course is received within ten calendar days prior to the start date of a course, the student may withdraw/cancel and receive 50% refund of the course fees.
  • If a notice of a student’s withdrawal from a course is received less than 5 calendar days prior to the start date of a course, a refund will not be issued.
  • If you miss the deadline for withdrawal, you are not eligible to receive a refund.
  • If a student is dismissed from a course due to a breach of the law, policy or regulations set by TEPTH, he or she is not entitled for a refund.
  • If your withdrawal request is due to a serious medical or family emergency outside of your control, you may appeal to the management for consideration. Official documentation, such as a doctor’s certificate, is required to substantiate all claims of this nature.
  • Whilst every effort is made to avoid changes to our courses, TEPTH reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient enrolment or other unexpected circumstances.
  • If for any reason TEPTH cancels a course, all course fees, including registration fee will be refunded in full.
  • If for any reason TEPTH postpones a course, all course fees will be refunded in full if requested in writing by the student.
  • Refunds are made in U.A.E Dirham currency and, therefore, the final amount that you may receive will depend on the foreign exchange rates at the time the refund is processed.
  • TEPTH is not liable for loss of funds due to currency exchange.
  • Credit notes or refunds will not be issued for individual sessions missed in a group class, and these classes are not exchangeable for private sessions.
  • Cancelling the attendance in an ongoing group course forfeits the right of claiming any refund or attending a different course.
  • Cancelling an on-going private course forfeits the right to claiming any refund.
  • We will make the refund using the same method of payment used for the initial transaction; e.g. if you made a payment using your Debit / Credit card, then the refund will be made back to your Debit / Credit Card.

Make-up Classes:

  • Whilst every effort is made to avoid changes to our classes, TEPTH reserves the right to cancel any class due to unforeseen circumstances such instructor illness. We will make every effort to reschedule all missed classes.
  •  Make-up classes due to registrant illness or other personal circumstances will not be available. There will be no refunds given for classes that you miss. If your health condition or personal circumstances prevent you for attending your classes or the make-up classes, you cannot attend another time or class.
  •  Registrants will be will be notified by telephone and/or email with information about cancelled classes or make-up classes.

Non-Refundable Registration Fee:

  • Registration fee of AED 100 is included in the course fee. The registration fee is non-refundable in case of course cancelation or withdrawal by the student. The registration fee is non-transferable under any circumstances.
    Refund Process:
    1 . You must apply by completing a signed, type-written TEPTH official Withdrawal/Refund Request Form before the withdrawal/cancellation period has expired or you will not be eligible for a refund.
    2 . The fillable Withdrawal/Refund Request Form (is available for download here) and also available at the center for pickup.
    3 . Once completed, it should be sent by email to info@tepth.net and ensure you contact us to confirm the receipt of your completed form.
    4 . Refunds will be paid within six (6) weeks of the receipt of a signed, type-written request form from the student with all required documentation attached (Original payment receipt or online payment confirmation).
    5 . Refunds are forfeited if not claimed after 8 week time frame.

Transfer between Courses:

  • Unless otherwise stated on the Confirmation of Registration, the following transfer policy and fees apply.
    When transferring to a course where the tuition fee is less than tuition fee of the course in which the student originally registered for, the student will be reimbursed the difference (minus a transfer fee when applicable). A student is not allowed to transfer to another course where the tuition fee of the current course is less than the tuition fee of the course he or she wishes to transfer to.
  •  Requests to transfer out of a course will be allowed prior to the start of the second class session of the current course.
  • If the request to transfer out of a course is received 10 calendar days prior to the start date of the course registered for, a transfer fee will not be applied.
  • If the request to transfer out of a course is received less than 10 days before the start date of the course registered for, AED 100 transfer fee will be applied.

Delivery Terms:

  • Once you place an order and pay for the product or service, you will receive an electronic confirmation with the order details.
  •  Exam Vouchers & practice test access codes will be sent to your email electronically. It is your responsibility to confirm that the email address provided is correct. TEPTH holds no responsibility for voucher or access code loss if it is not sent to the intended recipient’s email address.

Privacy Conditions:

  •  All credit/debit cards details and personally identifiable information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties.
  • The Website Policies coupled with other terms and conditions may be changed or updated occasionally to meet the requirements and standards.
  • Therefore Customers are encouraged to frequently visit these sections in order to be updated about the changes on the website.
  • Modifications will be effective on the day they are posted.

Copyright & Trade-marks:

  •  The copyright for all the content and images on this website is held by TEPTH except if any material is provided by other organizations. These organizations have their own copyright ownership as indicated on their websites. This website also contains trade-marks, including the mark “TEPTH". You may not use these trade-marks in any form for any purpose without written consent of the trade-mark owner.
  •  The views or comments expressed on this site are not essentially those of the TEPTH or its employees.
  • TEPTH by no means will be responsible for the content from external links.

Your use of this Website:

You are permissible to: –

  • Access and use any part of this Website as per your needs.
  • Get one printed copy of any or all the pages but, only for your personal noncommercial reference.
    You are not permissible to:
  •  Copy (whether by downloading, printing onto the paper, storing on hard disk, or any other data storage device, or in any other way), distribute, reproduce, publish, broadcast, modify or tamper any material available on the website except which is placed under ‘You may’. These restrictions apply on all or some parts of the material on the Website.
  •  Remove any trademark, copyright or any other intellectual property statements or notices enclosed in the original material, while copying or printing any material from this website.
  • Link to this Website until we express our written consent in this regard.
  • Please send us emails containing following details if you want to furnish hypertext or any other link to this Website.
    The URL(s) of the website page(s) from where you are offering to link to this site.
  • The URL(s) of the website page(s) of this site to which you are aiming to link

We will take your request into consideration but, the decision to accept or deny your proposal will exclusively remain with us.
You guarantee TEPTH, as you use this website, against all possible claims or damages while submitting any material or content through this site. You must also ensure the same while using the websites or forums linked to this website and also if you provide any link to this website.

Password and Account Security:

You must acknowledge that you are responsible to maintain the confidentiality and security of any password linked with any account you use to access this website. You must also agree that you will be solely liable to TEPTH for all the activities that occur under your account.
You need to notify TEPTH immediately if you find any event of unauthorized access to your account.

Data Protection:

Personal information and details provided to TEPTH through this website will only be used in accordance with our privacy policy. It is very important that you read this policy carefully before going on. By providing your personal information and details to us you are consenting to their use in accordance with our privacy policy.

Complaints & Suggestions Procedure:

If you have any suggestion or complaint about this website, please contact TEPTH at info@tepth.net

Partial Invalidity:

Please note that if any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held to be void, invalid, unenforceable or illegal, the other remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.

Third Party Links:

This website may contain links to third-party websites.
As you opt to follow any of those links, the external website may open in full screen. In that case, you can use backward button on your browser so as to return to the website you were using. Under certain instances, it might appear within this website’s frame. Now you have to use navigation buttons available within the frame to get back to this website.

These external links are provided only for users convenience so that they can find relevant websites, products or services with ease. It is user’s responsibility to decide whether any product or service available through any of the third-party websites is suitable for his use. You can access third-party websites but at your own risk and responsibility. TEPTH takes no responsibility for the owners or operators of the external websites, products or services.

TEPTH does not enter into any terms, conditions and warranties or the representations on the subject of third-party websites nor does it agree to take any liability related to these sites (this incorporates any such liability resulting from any claim in relation to external or third-party website content to which this website incorporates a link infringes the intellectual property privileges of any third party).


All information, data or any piece of advice delivered as part of this website is intended to be general and you should not rely on it while making any decision.
TEPTH aimed to ensure that all data, at the time of inclusion, on this website is correct. However, TEPTH does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of such information. All data, information and piece of advice provided on the website is on “as is” basis and TEPTH hereby specifically disclaims the responsibility for any action you take based on such data, information and piece of advice or for any damage or loss you suffer from just because of taking that action.

TEPTH does not guarantee to the security of this website nor does it guarantee that functions or materials you access from this website will work uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be removed or corrected or that this site is free from harmful elements or viruses.
Remember that any comments, communications and views posted on TEPTH’s social media pages or student zone are not the views of TEPTH but of individuals who posted the comments.

TEPTH accepts no liability for anything posted by any user on the social media pages. You may not use the pages to post or transmit any defamatory information or pictures because it will be taken as privacy breach that’s illegitimate.

TEPTH exclusively reserves the right to monitor the comments and information transmitted or received through any of its pages. At its sole discretion, TEPTH without any prior notice owns the right to review, remove or otherwise block any offensive material posted on the page(s).
Neither TEPTH nor any of its subcontractors or agents shall be responsible for any of your direct, indirect, consequential or punitive damages while using this website. These damages include but not limited to data loss, profits loss, business loss, finical loss or business interruption etc.


The Terms and Conditions mentioned here are governed by and to be interpreted according to the laws of the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In case of any dispute arising in connection to these Terms and Conditions or any dispute emerging in relation to this website whether in contract, tort or otherwise the Dubai courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any such dispute.

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