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CELPIP Preparation Course in Dubai - CELPIP Test For Canadian Immigration

Our CELPIP Preparation Course in Dubai provides general preparation for this essential test for anyone looking to immigrate to Canada, helping to ensure you get the best results possible when taking the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program test. The CELPIP Test is an interesting and innovative experience that enables test takers to complete all components of the exam without any additional appointments, interviews or tests. The computer microphone and headset are used for Listening and Speaking sections while a mouse/keyboard combo is utilized in the Reading & Writing section.

The best CELPIP preparation course in Dubai

The CELPIP preparation course at TEPTH in Dubai provides the best tips for passing your test, including our expert native English tutors who will provide feedback on where you need to focus your studies. Understanding how your test scores will be calculated can help keep stress levels down and give students an opportunity to focus more objectively on areas of improvement during study sessions before taking the examination. The CELPIP General test consists of four sections, each with their own score. The CELPIP LS test is an English language proficiency exam that evaluates a person's speaking and listening skills. It can be used for citizenship applications and professional designation tests.

A student's performance in one section has no bearing on the others - they're all graded independently to reflect that individual's competency within a certain language skill set.

The Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) and official tests for language proficiency in Canada.

The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) breaks its tests down according to different levels of proficiency for both CELPIP General and CELPIP LS. For those seeking permanent residence under Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Class immigration category who are required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Express Entry system program rules must have at least CLB 5 equivalent overall score before being eligible for nomination from among more than 1 million qualified applicants.

CELPIP - Different Classroom-based Course at TEPTH in Dubai

Group Course: Minimum Three

  • Term/duration:   6 Weeks  
  • No. of Hours:       24 Hours
  • Days per Week: 2 days/week 

Semi-Private: Two Person

  • Term/duration:   3 Weeks
  • No. of Hours:       20 Hours
  • Days per Week:  3 days/week

Private: one to one Course

  • Term/duration:   6 Weeks
  • No. of Hours:       16 Hours
  • Days per Week:   Flexible 
CELPIP Preparation Group Course at TEPTH
  • Attend 24 hours of class time with a certified native English-speaking instructorment
  • Become familiar with all test questions you will face
  • Receive an appropriate workbook for each of the 4 skills
  • Learn effective strategies for approaching each question type
  • Improve your Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking skills,
  • Take full reading and listening practice tests
  • Develop note-taking skills for each listening question
  • Understand how writing and speaking sections are scored and how to take advantage of that
  • Practice each question included in the test
  • Take one-free full online practice test
  • Receive feedback on your writing and speaking practice with an approximate score
CELPIP Test Preparation Frequently Asked Question

What is the CELPIP exam?

The CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) test measures general English language proficiency and is used for Canadian Permanent Residence applications. It's a 3-hour computer-delivered test that assesses abilities in all 4 skills: Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking.

How much does the CELPIP test cost in Dubai?

The CELPIP General test costs CA$340.

How long is the CELPIP exam?

The CELPIP General test is a 3-hour computer-delivered test.

How can I prepare for the IELTS at home?

First of all, you'll need to surround yourself with English - specifically native-speakers. Everything you read, watch and listen to should be in English. You should also draw up a timetable making sure that you dedicate a specific number of hours per week to your preparation and stick to it. You'll need to do IELTS practice tests to become familiar with the format and questions as well as work on improving your grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. Most importantly, you'll need to give yourself a realistic time frame to do this.

What is the minimum CELPIP score required for Canadian immigration?

Each candidate's minimum score will vary according to their profile and application requirements. Consulting an immigration agent or lawyer or going to the Canadian Government website would help clarify this.

What is the CELPIP-LS test?

The CELPIP-LS test is used for Canadian Citizenship application. It's about an hour long, is computer-delivered and only tests 2 skills: Listening & Speaking

How long does it take to get your CELPIP results?

Your CELPIP test score will be available 4-5 calendar days after your test date and you will get an email to access your score when it has been posted.

Is the CELPIP test valid for a study visa?

The CELPIP General test is required when applying for Canadian PR and it is not suitable for study visa applications. For this type of visa, the CAEL (Canadian Academic English Language test) is needed.

How do I check my CELPIP score online?

You will get an email notification 4-5 days after your test date to access your score online. 

Which English test is easier, CELPIP or IELTS?

Both the CELPIP and the IELTS tests are designed to assess language proficiency in all 4 skills (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) and have the same level of difficulty. The main difference is the format: the CELPIP test is completely computer-delivered, including the Speaking section while in the IELTS, the Speaking section is done face-to-face with an examiner and the remaining 3 skills (Listening, Reading & Writing ) are done on the computer. In the CELPIP test, the Writing & Speaking components are both done on the computer but are marked by raters at Paragon Testing Enterprises. If you are unsure about which test to do, it would be a good idea to do some sample tests for each which will help you to make your decision.

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