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CELPIP Preparation Course Dubai

The CELPIP (The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program is a general English language proficiency test) Preparation Program in Dubai . We proivide  General preparation group course at TEPTH Dubai.


In the official Preparation Program here at TEPTH you will:

  • Attend 24 hours of class time with a certified English native speaker instructor;
  • Become familiar with each question in the test;
  • Get a workbook for each skill;
  • Learn strategies to approach questions;
  • Improve your listening & reading skills;
  • Do a full reading & full listening test;
  • Work on note-taking skills for each listening question;
  • Improve your writing and speaking skills;
  • Learn exactly how the writing and speaking sections are scored;
  • The practice of each question in the  test;
  • Feedback on writing & speaking practice with an approximate score;
  • One-free full online practice test;

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CELPIP Preparation- FAQs

What is the CELPIP exam?

The CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) test measures general English language proficiency and is used for Canadian Permanent Residence applications. It's a 3-hour computer-delivered test that assesses abilities in all 4 skills: Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking.

What is the CELPIP-LS test?

The CELPIP-LS test is used for Canadian Citizenship application. It's about an hour long, is computer-delivered and only tests 2 skills: Listening & Speaking.

What is the minimum CELPIP score required for Canadian immigration?

Each candidate's minimum score will vary according to their profile and application requirements. Consulting an immigration agent or lawyer or going to the Canadian Government website   would help clarify this.

How long does it take to get your CELPIP results?

Your CELPIP test score will be available 4-5 calendar days after your test date and you will get an email to access your score when it has been posted.

How much does the CELPIP test cost in Dubai?

The CELPIP General test costs CA$340.

How do I prepare for the CELPIP exam?

The first thing to do would be to go to www.celpip.ca and have a go at the free sample test. This would give you an idea of the format of the test. Secondly, it is strongly recommended to do a formal test preparation course at a reputable exam preparation centre. Here at TEPTH, we are licensed to run the CELPIP PREPARATION PROGRAM created by Paragon Testing Enterprises. It is a 24-hour Group Course with a workbook (supplied by Paragon Testing Enterprises) for each skill. In this course you will become familiar with the format of the test and the question types in each of the four components, and strategies on how to approach them. You will also work on improving your note-taking, grammar, vocabulary, writing and speaking skills. Your instructor is a CELPIP certified native-speaking English Language Instructor with extensive test preparation experience who will among other things, give you feedback on your CELPIP Writing Task 1 & Task 2 practices as well as your Speaking practices. You are welcome to give us a call to arrange a phone or face-to-face consultation with the instructor to answer any questions you may have.

Is the CELPIP test valid for a study visa?

The CELPIP General test is required when applying for Canadian PR and it is not suitable for study visa applications. For this type of visa, the CAEL (Canadian Academic English Language test) is needed.

How long is the CELPIP exam?

The CELPIP General test is a 3-hour computer-delivered test.

How do I check my CELPIP score online?

You will get an email notification 4-5 days after your test date to access your score online.

Which English test is easier, CELPIP or IELTS?

Both the CELPIP and the IELTS tests are designed to assess language proficiency in all 4 skills (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) and have the same level of difficulty. The main difference is the format: the CELPIP test is completely computer-delivered, including the Speaking section while in the IELTS, the Speaking section is done face-to-face with an examiner and the remaining 3 skills (Listening, Reading & Writing ) are done on the computer. In the CELPIP test, the Writing & Speaking components are both done on the computer but are marked by raters at Paragon Testing Enterprises. If you are unsure about which test to do, it would be a good idea to do some sample tests for each which will help you to make your decision.

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