CELPIP For Canadian Immigration


The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program test is an English proficiency test that candidates undertake to demonstrate their capability and competence to speak and work in English for Canadian Immigration Dubai. The CELPIP test evaluates a candidate’s ability to function in English in everyday life such as at school and the workplace. The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program tests are leading tests in Canada mostly for immigrants and professional people in universities and colleges.  The tests are accepted for individuals such as refugees, immigrants, and citizens. There are two types of CELPIP tests:  the CELPIP-General LS test and the CELPIP-General test.

CELPIP General Test Requirement for Immigration Canada in Dubai 

The CELPIP-General test evaluates functional listening, reading, writing, and skills. It is also accepted for refugees, Citizenship Canada, and Immigration as proof of a good understanding of English to get permanent residency for non-native and native-English speakers in Canada. Over 10 professional organizations also accept CELPIP tests such as (ICCRC) Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and (RECBC) Real Estate Council of British Columbia. The CELPIP-General LS Test evaluates functional speaking and listening competency and is also accepted by IRCC as proof that an individual is proficient enough in English to acquire Canadian citizenship. There are also more than 20 universities, colleges and vocational programs that accept the CELPIP test.

Important information to remember when preparing for the CELPIP test dates:

  • Become familiar with the test format and questions

The CELPIP General and LS tests are fully computer-delivered and take about 3 hours and 10mins respectively. The Listening and Reading parts are marked by the computer and the Writing and Speaking parts by raters. In the Speaking part, you will speak into a microphone and your answer is recorded and saved. The CELPIP Dubai Preparation Program helps candidates who are going to take the test to have a clear understanding of what to expect on test day and how to approach the different parts in each skill.  The CELPIP Preparation program also helps candidates to understand the marking criteria and improve and practice note-taking, listening, reading, writing & speaking skills

  • Practice fluency, accuracy, relevance, and range

Candidates who undertake the CELPIP test need to listen to, read, write and speak more English to improve their overall skills. Part of the test involves a Speaking test that requires candidates to demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively by showing good fluency and a wide range of vocabulary and grammar in English. Test takers also need to show that they understand the different questions and can answer them accurately with relevant ideas

  • Approaches to questions

Although all Listening and Reading questions are multiple-choice, there are some differences: some are a question and four answer options, some are sentence completion and some are fill-in-the-blanks with dropdown menus. As with most English tests, the CELPIP gets more challenging in the later parts of the test so it’s a good idea to get some guidance on strategies to approach the questions in each part.

  • Practicing writing everyday English

For Canadian Immigration Dubai, There are two Writing tasks in the CELPIP-General test. Both tasks require the test taker to demonstrate an understanding of the task instruction, provide evidence of appropriate tone and language for different contexts in day-to-day life. A test takers level of General English determines their range of vocabulary and grammar so some candidates may have to do some work on improving these before they are able to get their desired score.

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