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TEPTH is a renowned UAE-based institution that helps students in preparing for and undertaking different international aptitude tests in order to meet admission requirements. We provide expert guidance for various English-based examinations and assessments, in addition to facilitating the registration, booking, and preparation for the tests.

We have a team of experienced professional instructors who are committed to helping candidates fulfill admission criteria to international graduate or post-graduate programs. Here at TEPTH, we fully understand the challenges of preparing for such a crucial test, and that is the very reason we offer our expertise and enable candidates to meet the requirements of the academic institution they're aspiring to join. Our roster includes preparation courses for a variety of tests

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Ace the Test, Secure Your Future

Most universities around the globe require completion of English language and aptitude tests before admitting a student to their programmes. Though the process is helpful for these academic institutions in determining if students meet their enrolment criteria, the process can be challenging for individuals who do not yet know how to navigate the application and testing process.

With TEPTH's highly-qualified team of academic instructors, we're able to help candidates understand and meet these requirements, and help them with various on and off-campus services.

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