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The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is a way of assessing language skills, and specific scores or passes from this test are often a requirement for non-native English speakers to study or work in countries where English is the first language for business or educational activities. If you are planning on going overseas for work or study, you will need a pass from either IELTS or TOEFL depending on the specific country you are traveling to.

The IELTS test covers your ability in four aspects of English language use:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

Our IELTS Course provides the motivation and guidance you need to improve your English proficiency and develop the language skills that will provide you with the test results you need.

Types of IELTS Course:                   

You can opt for either of the two test formats- General Training or Academic depending on whether you need to study abroad or have to work or migrate to a foreign country with English as a native language.

There are two test formats, and you can choose the one you wish. These are IELTS General Training or IELTS Academic, and which one is best depends on whether you are intending to study abroad or are seeking employment in a country where English is the native language.

IELTS Academic is for those seeking placements in Educational Institutions of all kinds in English-speaking countries.

IELTS General Training is for migration or employment to a foreign country.

General Training is focused on the essential skills you need to cope with life in social and workplace situations you may encounter. It is most appropriate for anyone traveling to English-speaking countries or communities for secondary education, work or training programs. A different study, work or migration paths require different test formats and band scores. You have to make your own inquiries while deciding on the test most suitable for your situation. Consult TEPTH best IELTS coaching in Dubai for preparation, we will help you to make the right choice.

A variety of IELTS Course formats are offered to suit your schedule and learning style

Before taking any IELTS test, you are strongly encouraged to take an IELTS Course to help you. The course will give you familiarity with the test process, including the format, types of questions, and the best IELTS Test strategies for answering them.

Taking the test without taking an IELTS Course, not knowing what to expect, as a result, leads to a more stressful experience and a poorer performance. Most test-takers end up having to retake the test to obtain the scores they need. You can avoid that stress and get the best results the first time with an IELTS Course to help you prepare.

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