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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is required for non-native English speakers to work or study in countries with English as the first medium of instruction. All foreign study destinations require you to appear either for IELTS or TOEFL depending on the country you choose to go to. The test measures English language proficiency across all four communication skills-Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The IELTS course at TEPTH will motivate test-takers to improve English proficiency and develop language skills.

Types of IELTS Course:                   

You can opt for either of the two test formats- General Training or Academic depending on whether you need to study abroad or have to work or migrate to a foreign country with English as a native language.

Academic is for Institutions of Higher and Further Education in English-speaking countries.

General Training is for migration or employment in a foreign country. It focuses on essential survival skills in broad social and workplace perspectives. It is typically for non-native individuals going to English-speaking countries for secondary education, training programs or work experience.

* Different study, work or migration paths need different test formats and band scores. You have to make your own enquiries while deciding on the test best-fit for your situation. Consult TEPTH for preparation, we will make this job easy for you.

It’s strongly recommended to do some kind of IELTS test preparation so that you become familiar with the test format, questions types & strategies for dealing with them. It wouldn’t be advisable to go and do a test blindly as most test-takers generally need to do the test more than once to get their desired score. You will also feel more relaxed and confident on test day if you know what to expect.

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