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"20% Discount on PTE Academic Preparation Group Course (24 hours class - 2days/week - 2 hours a day )"

PTE Academic Preparation Course

Our PTE Academic preparation course is designed to help non-native English speakers who are looking to study or work abroad. The TEPTH PTE Academic preparation course offers group, semi-private and private options as well as our online solution for delivering quality tuition.

PTE is not an easy exam, but it is a great way to kick start your career. Have you been looking for the best ways to gain entry to Australia? PTE-A can help with both university entrance and immigration requirements. Best PTE Academic preparation courses aredesigned by teachers, academics and experts with years of experience, so you can trust that they will help get the best results possible. PTE-A is a fully computer based test taker will finish tests speaking with the period of test and you will get your result with in 48 hours.

PTE-A Courses- Improve your skills with our courses

Group Course: Minimum Three

  • Term/duration:   6 Weeks  
  • No. of Hours:       24 Hours
  • Days per Week: 2 days/week 

Semi-Private: Two Person

  • Term/duration:   3 Weeks
  • No. of Hours:       20 Hours
  • Days per Week:  3 days/week

Private: one to one Course

  • Term/duration:   6 Weeks
  • No. of Hours:       16 Hours
  • Days per Week:   Flexible 

PTE Academic Training program based on real exam format

Our PTE Academic Training course is based on the official PTE test format, with the same PTE-A exam scoring criteria for each question, but we make them even more interesting by following an integrated skills approach that includes practicing and feedback on all four different parts of speaking, listening comprehension, reading proficiency, writing fluency with accuracy and understanding idioms. You'll also get expert tips from our team who have mastered their own language to know what it takes to be successful at these exams. We provide PTE-A authentic study materials and give continual support to help you crack that test! Take our 24-hour PTE Academic coaching, two classes weekly, 2 hours per day with free Pearson Practice Tests so you can stay on top of things before taking the live test.

PTE-A Preparation Group Course Includes.

  • Attend 24 hours of class time with a native English-speaking instructor
  • Understand the PTE Academic test format to build confidence for the test
  • Know how each question is scored and the strategies you need to maximize your performance
  • Learn the different PTE-A test question types and the best strategies to approach each one
  • Managing your time for each question
  • Hone your listening and reading skills
  • Use official PTE Academic test material with 4 full practice tests included
  • Identify your weaknesses and focus on improving them with custom study plans
  • Improve your pronunciation and oral fluency
  • Practice the planning and writing of summaries and essays
  • Includes a free PTE Academic mock test to assess your progress

How do I book a PTE test?

You can book a PTE test by following these steps: go to ; choose a date & time; register, book & pay online.

How many modules are there in the PTE test?

The PTE-A test has 3 modules: Speaking & Writing, Reading and Listening.

Are PTE practice tests available?

There are PTE-A Practice questions available on as well as some applications you can download on your phone.

Are PTE mock tests available?

Yes, at TEPTH you are welcome to contact our staff to book a mock test and do it in an exam environment. A mock test is an excellent way to get an idea of what your score would be and to get your first test experience. It is 3 hours long and exactly the same as the real PTE-A test and you will get your results within 10-15 minutes of completion. After which, you can book a free 15-minute consultation with one of our instructors to discuss your score and plan your way forward.. When you do our 24-hour PTE-A Preparation course, you will receive a free mock test to monitor your progress.

The countries that accepts the PTE for immigration?

PTE-A test is accepted by Australia and New Zealand for PR and immigration purposes

Is the PTE test easier than the IELTS test?

The PTE test and the IELTS test have the same level of difficulty and test the same 4 skills. If you are unsure about which test to take, it would be a good idea to do practice of both tests' questions to see which you prefer.

PTE exam registration Dubai.

You can do your PTE-A test at TEPTH (The Exam Preparation & Testing House) in Dubai Silicon Oasis by choosing our venue when you book your test online. Book your PTE through TEPTH PTE Registration portal.

What is the total score for the PTE?

When you get your score report you will get a score out of 90 for each of the 4 skills as well as an overall score out of 90.

PTE test for Australian immigration

There are numerous free PTE-A practice tests and practice questions available online but scored PTE-A mock tests usually come with a fee. At TEPTH, you get a free scored PTE-A mock test when you book a 24-hour PTE-A test preparation course with us.

Are there any free PTE-A mock tests online with score?

There are numerous free PTE-A practice tests and practice questions available online but scored PTE-A mock tests usually come with a fee. At TEPTH, you get a free scored PTE-A mock test when you book a 24-hour PTE-A test preparation course with us.

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