TOEFL IBT Test Preparation Course

What is the TOEFL IBT Test?

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. TOEFL Test is a way of evaluating your proficiency in spoken and written English as a non-native English speaker. It is important as US educational institutions use results from the test during their evaluation of foreign student applications. So, if you wish to study in the United States, you need to have good scores to show them. TOEFL IBT test preparation course Crafted by experienced English native speaking instructor. This course will give you the skills and understanding to achieve scores that will unlock the opportunities you desire in English-speaking countries.

Who can take TOEFL IBT Test?

If you are looking to pursue work opportunities or any academic career within an English-speaking country. Non-native students must have intermediate or advanced English language skills, to do this course you should take.TEPTH’s TOEFL IBT exam Preparation Course is run by specialized teaching staff who understand what you need to do to get the scores you need.

They will teach students the skills required and provide highly effective test-taking strategies and tactics to get the results they want. After completing the TOEFL IBT Test Preparation Course, each student takes a complete practice exam. The TOEFL Practice test result will give you a great guide to understanding where your weaknesses and overcome that.

Important to note that:

  • This is not a course suitable for beginners. It requires an intermediate or advanced English language skill to be able to follow the strategies taught and obtain good results from the test

Evaluation and Certificate:

  • On completion of Our TOEFL IBT Test Preparation course, you will receive a personalized evaluation of your overall performance.

How do I start preparing for the TOEFL IBT test?

The first thing to do when preparing for the test is to know what score you need to obtain to achieve your goal. This matters, because of how high the core needs to shape the TOEFL IBT Test Preparation you need. Our TOEFL IBT Test Preparation Course teaches you the TOEFL test format, the types of questions you will be asked, and how to achieve the core you need in each of the tested skills.

In addition to this, you should invest in quality preparation materials and begin taking practice tests to get used to the process. In addition, take some time to brush up on your grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and note-taking skills.

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