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CAEL Online Preparation Course 

Because the CAEL CE test is essential for anyone wanting to study in Canada, your results will be required as part of the application process, it is essential that you get the best scores possible. Our CAEL Preparation course is designed to help you achieve that, and covers all 4 skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, as well as providing an understanding of the questions involved, and the best strategies for answering them.

In this way, the TEPTH CAEL Preparation course will give you confidence and help you achieve the best result you can. With the CAEL CE test results accepted at over 180 universities and colleges throughout Canada. Our CAEL Preparation course can unlock new academic opportunities for every student.

CAEL online preparation course at TEPTH will familiarize you with the test, help you improve your target score and provide:

  •  Provide complete range of preparation materials for each language skill
  • Experience of the CAEL test format to give you confidence
  • Guidelines for each skill to be tested
  • CAEL Test Tips and strategies for each question type
  • Practice tests to assess your progress
  • Time allocation and management training for each question
  • Assess your likely results

CAEL Online Preparation Course at TEPTH

  • Term/duration:   3 Weeks  
  • No. of Hours:       20 Hours
  • Days per Week:  3days (flexible )

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