Pearson Test of English – Academic

The Pearson Test of English-Academic- Immigration Australia & New Zealand

The Pearson Test of English-Academic (Pearson PTE Academic Test) and Pearson PTE  UKVI are fully computer-based English test for individuals who want to test their English levels to live, study or work abroad. It is a system that is trusted by colleges, governments, and universities around the world. Pearson PTE test is available 365 days a year. The Exam can also be scheduled or planned in advance up to 24 hours. PTE Test is about 3 hours and once completed, the results are usually available after 2 days.

  • Growth

The PTE Test has grown widely and sessions are available in over 60 countries worldwide. This helps in supporting and enabling the recruitment of international candidates in the new and current markets. One of the things that have helped the system grow is the fact that it is accepted for UK Visa applications (PTE-A UKVI), Australian and New Zealand immigration, universities and colleges. It is also very fast since the results are always released after 48hours of undertaking the exam. The system is fair and accurate which has also caused it to grow rapidly all around the world. It being fair means that a candidate is usually assessed consistently and objectively. Computer-based testing and scoring are convenient which has also helped in promoting and increasing its growth.

  • Trust

The PTE-Academic test uses a lot of security measures to ensure that the results are legit. Paperless testing is being used to enhance the integrity of the test results. Trust is built when people are willing to comply with the policies and workflows in a certain organization or system. PTE is a trusted computer-based English testing system since there are some security measures that are employed to make sure the test scores are trustworthy.

  • Reliability

The PTE-A test is reliable since the marking is done by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This aids in making sure that all tests are marked with the highest level of accuracy. It is also reliable since the results are valid for 2 years. The details are found in every PTE test report thus ensuring its validity and its reliability. The score report will give an individual score for each of the communicative skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, individual scores for the enabling skills and an overall score. This shows that PTE academic enhances consistent, fair, accurate, and trustworthy results.


To be successful in getting your desired score it is advisable to become familiar with the format of the Speaking, Writing. Reading and Listening parts and the question types before doing the test. For the Speaking part of the test you will need to refresh and practice pronunciation, oral fluency, vocabulary and grammar skills. Also, listening and note-taking skills are important for both Speaking and Listening parts. An academic essay is one of the Writing parts so working on structure, format, vocabulary, spelling and written discourse is essential to get your required score in this section. Approaches to different question types as well as time management will help you to get through all of the Reading questions with accurate results.

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