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What’s CELPIP Test?

According to statistics, there have been more than 220,000 immigrants migrating to Canada every year, since 2001. While there are numerous reasons for immigrants to choose Canada as their next home, there are a few that stand out – better quality of life, familial unification, and economic opportunities. The Canadian government has openly expressed its intention to allow 300,000 more immigrants to enter the country by 2017 to spur economic growth in the country.
The open borders policy is designed to invite professional talent from overseas, as the country seeks to diversify its economy. However, before you can qualify for employment in Canada, you must first display the capacity to communicate and converse effectively using the English language. As such, immigration requires English qualification through the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP-G) General Test.

The General test (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) is an English language test that is required for people applying for permanent residence status in Canada.

What is the CELPIP Exam?

Test is a 3-hour computer-delivered test that assesses abilities in all 4 skills: Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking.
The test is computer-delivered and administered by Paragon Testing Enterprises., a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia (UBC). It takes 3 hours and tests your English Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking skills in everyday situations.

The test consists of only the Listening & Speaking skills, takes 1 hour and is required when applying for Canadian citizenship.

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