PTE Exam Course Dubai

PTE Exam (The Pearson Test of English Academic) Dubai s a computer-based English test aimed at non-native English speakers who want to study abroad or migrate to the country of their choice. This internationally acknowledged exam evaluates the candidate’s real-life English proficiency that he/she will need to live or study in an English-speaking country. This exam is designed to assess the candidate’s English Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking capabilities.

Pearson PTE Exam Practice TEST

The course culminates with students taking a practice PTE-A Exam. This allows our in-house experts to evaluate the performance of each tester, and determine whether you have the level of proficiency required to pass the Pearson English Test. Examiners are furnished with detailed test results to help them identify which areas need improvement. Our team of instructors at TEPTH can also provide each student with a personalized study plan to help them prepare for the Pearson English exam. Students who successfully finish the course are awarded a completion certificate.

Pearson PTE Exam Structure:

You need to attend an authorized and secure Pearson test center such as TEPTH in the UAE. The total time set for the PTE-A test is three hours and you need to cover different multiple-choice questions, an essay writing task, and information interpretation activities

*Remember, you will hear different accents in this test ranging from American to British and non-native speakers, so listen to materials carefully.


The Pearson PTE-A Exam is scored against the Global Scale of English that works on a scoring scale from 10-90. Automated scoring system is used to generate PTE-A results. You will receive a detailed snapshot of your English language proficiency that shows an overall English score with scores for specific English sub-skills.

With your Pearson PTE-A Exam score result you will get:

  • Overall score
  • Speaking score
  • Writing score
  • Listening score
  • Reading score
  • Grammar score
  • Spelling score
  • Oral Fluency score
  • Vocabulary score
  • Written discourse score

Type of PTE-A Preparation Courses at TEPTH

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