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The Pearson Test of English Academic or PTE Exam is an assessment of English language skills for non-native English speakers looking to study or work in an English-speaking country of their choice. A computer-based exam, it is internationally recognized and designed to assess real-life proficiency in the English language each applicant possesses. Because it reflects the way a student or worker will use the English language in their daily lives, it is a popular test with academic institutions and employers, covering all 4 language skills of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

Pearson PTE Exam Practice TEST

Our PTE test course helps students acquire an understanding of the test, how it works, strategies to get the best results, and finally offering a free mock PTE Test to assess progress. Through this, our in-house experts can understand whether you have the level of English required to pass the Pearson Test of English and if not, the areas that you need to improve. With a team of experienced instructors, TEPTH’s PTE Test course can then provide the personalized study plan you need to get the result you want from the text.

Every student who successfully completes the PTE Exam Preparation course is a warded a completion certificate.

Pearson PTE Exam Structure:

To take the PTE Exam you must attend an authorized and secure Pearson test center, such as ours here at TEPTH in the UAE. The PTE Test itself takes 3 hours to complete, and features a range of multiple-choice questions, some information interpretation tasks, and a written essay.


Results from the PTE Test are scored against the Global Scale of English, using a scale of 10 – 90. AN automated scoring system for the PTE Exam, giving you scores for each individual language skill, plus an overall rating.

With your Pearson PTE-A Test score result you will get:

  • Overall score
  • Speaking score
  • Writing score
  • Listening score
  • Reading score
  • Grammar score
  • Spelling score
  • Oral Fluency score
  • Vocabulary score
  • Written discourse score

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