Privacy policy is actually a document that tells the website’s users what will be done to their provided personal information, how this information will be collected and how this gathered data will be used for different reasons. While storing, managing and using all information available on site’s database, all legal requirements are fulfilled to protect client's confidentiality. All possible security measures are also embedded when site’s owner deals with visitors’ personal information.     


TEPTH has created this privacy policy with the aim of demonstrating our concern and commitment towards maintaining customer secrecy. Our privacy policy holds great importance for us. This is why, we have established it as means to communicate our information collection process and dissemination practices for gathered information from our visitors and customers.

TEPTH reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Keep checking on regular intervals.


This policy is formulated to explain how we tackle and share (if needed) the information you share with us. Also, it is to inform website’s users that their provided information will be used for two reasons:

·         Either to disclose your personal information to third parties (legal affiliates, business partners, etc)

·         Or, to make use of gathered information to be used for particular purposes (newsletters, promotional emails etc.)       

You can get detailed explanation below.

Collected Information:

TEPTH requires the users who register with us for using the services provided on the website to furnish their contact information including name, address, phone number, e-mail contact and billing information, credit card number etc.

1.      Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

In some cases, on the behalf of our users, we may collect PII that is their name, street address, phone number and email address. However, this information is only gathered if volunteered by the user, not otherwise.     

PII collected by TEPTH will solely belong to the customers and will be used exclusively according to the legitimate international privacy standards for both offline and online data. Your desire to ‘opt-out’ of receiving marketing emails, newsletters or any other information from third parties will be handled according to their privacy policies. We seldom make calls to our clients and keep in touch through email addresses given by them while registering with us.

Accuracy of Personally Identifiable Information.
Our goal is to keep your provided PII as complete, accurate and up-to-date as essential for the purposes we may use it. You can contact us any time for any possible changes or amendments in your furnished details while registering for our services.

How we use PII?

·         We can use the collected information to set up and improve our services for individuals as well as organizations approaching us.

·         We can also use this information if for any reason, we need to contact customers so that we can further discuss about their interests in our company and services provided.

·         By providing your information, you authorize us to send your information to our partners for promotional campaigns and events.

·         We can contact you anytime and can invite you to receive our email newsletter on the emailing address that you provide us.

·         We will not distribute your personal information haphazardly with any other party. If we share your email address or any other information to the third parties, we will ask for your approval first. 

·         We can also email you to provide information about updates related to TEPTH and its services.

2.      Information that is not PII.

On our users’ behalf, we may also collect certain information that is not PII, for instance, Internet addresses, navigational data, cookies etc. this gathered information is logged to help in governing our site and diagnosing the technical problems in order to continuously improve the quality of services provided to our valued clients. We can also track and analyze volume statistical information from our site’s visitors and users for the purpose of providing it to third parties if required and in accordance with law.  

Cookies as the most commonly collected non-PII information is stored by user’s web browser while using a website on his hard drive. Cookies can be session-based and might disappear from your computer as the online session is ended or these can be persistent to remain in your system even after you shut down. These cookies contain information as a distinctive identifier for your web browser. You can easily remove persistent cookies from your computer’s memory.

Today, cookies utilization is the industry standard and hence individuals will find them on many websites. But, standing alone, these cannot identify you personally.

TEPTH may store cookies on your computer’s hard drive through browser. Cookies help in making promotions of our services and products easier for us. Its recommended to let your web browser accept cookies as you want to access fully functional website to feasibly use all incorporated features and provided services.

Security and Retention of Personal Information:  

TEPTH ensures that user provided personal information is safeguarded against potentially illegal access, use, disclosure, loss, modification or any other misuse. We believe in taking all reasonable and strong megaresorts with the aim of preventing unauthorized use or disclosure of any information stored in our database. We do not rent or sell PII to third parties unless user has consented to the disclosure as required by the law.

We store all personal information of the site users in the most secured server environment that uses ‘firewall.’ Moreover, only the employees with job responsibilities requiring to use PII and those who signed the confidentiality agreements will have authorized access to our database containing your information. 

None of the TEPTH employees are permitted to disclose or share any PII. After a set time span, TEPTH destroys all personal information in its possession that is no more required for any reason especially all that PII connected to any particular promotion.

Although there is no such thing as ‘guaranteed security’ on internet, but TEPTH always tries the best to ensure secure collection, management and use of data from its website users. We don’t compromise on physical to electronic and procedural safeguards to secure your personal information.

Changes to the Policy:

TEPTH authorities can make changes to this privacy policy anytime as per their choice. Keep visiting and checking the current privacy policy from time to time. We may send you an email advising the modifications made to this policy. Or, we may post it on the website so that you can have the opportunity to accept or reject newly made changes.

Don’t forget, this privacy policy is subject to change without any notice.

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TEPTH makes efforts to ensure that this privacy policy is aligned with national and international laws.

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