Important COVID-19 Updates

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Our highest priority is the health and safety of our candidates, our staff and our community. The continual evolving impact of Covid-19 means that things are always changing, and we know that every decision we make during this time has an impact.

  • Candidates coming from abroad need to have received a negative COVID-19 PCR test result carried out within 72 hours or a negative test result taken by UAE local authorities subsequent to arrival in the country.
  • Maintain social distancing everywhere in the building and in the elevators.
  • If you are ill or showing flu-like symptoms, please stay at home and do not show up for your test.
  • On entering the center all candidates will be screened with a contactless thermometer. Anyone with a high temperature would have their temperature taken 2 more times before they are told to go home and seek medical assistance if necessary.
  • Candidates are encouraged to bring their own bottled water (500 ml or less) as we have removed water dispensers for your safety. Bottled water must be kept in the locker and cannot be taken into the lab.

Steps Taken to Protect Our Candidates & Staff

The welfare of our candidates and staff is our absolute priority. We have implemented the following initiatives to keep everyone safe, all in line with government guidance.

  1. Physical distancing will be maintained. We have added additional traffic procedures, including limiting the number of candidates in our premises and social distancing decals that illustrate spacing requirements. We ask that you do your part by staying 2 meters apart from others where possible when lining up, sitting in the waiting area, using lockers..etc.
  2. Hand sanitizer is available at entry. Additionally, we’ve increased cleaning and hours dedicated to sanitation throughout the day, as well as daily deep-cleaning after each session.
  3. All staff members will be required to wear face masks and gloves.
  4. A test taker must remove their mask for their photo and whenever a staff memberis visually verifying their identity.This includes when a staff member is checking their ID during check-in and again at the end of the test. Our staff members may also request that a test taker lower their mask when returning from a washroom break if they have any doubt at all about their identity. Test takers must keep their mask on while taking the test, even while speaking, and that they may be asked to leave if they do not.
  5. Wearing gloves is not mandatory. However, if candidates wish to wear gloves, they must be fully transparent and they must be put on after their hands have been visually inspected by a staff member. Candidates will be asked to take the gloves off before and after breaks and before leaving the exam room.
  6. Wearing a transparent face shield is not mandatory. However, a staff member may need to visually inspect the face shields.
  7. Cashless or minimal-contact payment is encouraged.

Please make sure you take your belongings before you leave our premises. If you forget your belongings at our center, they will be safe and sound. We’ll reach out to you to arrange a pick up time.

The Exam Preparation & Testing House FZCO stands together with United Arab Emirates during this challenging time, and we wish all our candidates good health.

Thank you for complying with these rules, and for your patience through this difficult time. With your cooperation, we look forward to these restrictions easing further in the future.


TEPTH Management

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